Computations & calculations

Dear All,

I am struggling with the following…

Within a repeating group a Thing has two items, each with a quantity, all saved to the dB. I want my repeating group to show the sum as follows (AB)+(CD) but I can’t manage it. I have had to create 1px x 1px hidden inputs to do the first part of the calculation - really clunky. Furthermore I’d like to be able to do other calculations, sorting and pie charts for the data in the dB. Whats the best way to acheive this? Is this a known limitation of bubble? I have heard AirTable being mentioned before, is this a good gap filler?

Your best bet is to use one of the many math or javascript plugins that provide mathematical computation actions. Bubble operators do not have a precedence syntax with brackets.

My guess is that the Bubble operator parser acts much like a Regex finite state machine and does not support the type of recursive branching needed to parse notations for operator precedence. Which is a fancy way of saying the operator parser works on a first come first served basis.

Thanks Aaron.