Concatenate values and store in db


I created 2 fields fname & lname in the db then I created a cell full_name in a RG with instructions to append lname to fname and populate that cell, Thus giving me a cell with the person’s full name.

I am now looking to populate the full_name db field with this concatenation so that I can use it for a dynamic drop down. If this were FileMaker, I would write a script to move through the db and perform the necessary concatenation for each record, then just reference that field when creating the dynamic drop down.

I have yet to try and walk the db to do that, if that is the best way to achieve what I want to do, perhaps there is a ‘Bubble’ way of doing this?



Let me make sure I understand: you have a db with fname and lname. Now you created a new field for full name. You already have a db full of stuff so you want to populate that newly created field.

You can make modifications by creating a backend workflow.

  1. Go to the Backend Workflow page.
  2. Create a new API
  3. Make one of the variables a User type (I’m assuming the fname and lname are fields in the User data type).
  4. create a step that populates that full name field.
  5. Go to the data tab, select the records you want to bulk change
  6. Click the bulk button and you should be able to select your workflow.

Thanks for your help!

When you say “create a new API” I’m not sure what you mean. Also I assume when you say “Backend Workflow page” you are just talking about clicking the workflow icon on the left, however I do not see any option to create an API there. Thanks!

This one.

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