Concatening data fields from the same data type

Hello All,

I am trying to create a dropdown form that will provide a set of options that have been concatenated from two separate data fields (from the same database ie Option 1 set and Option 2 set ) The premise is for a user to select from any of the options visible within the dropdown form to make a selection.

Will anyone be kind enough to advise how to go about this? Thanks

Hello nayo30,
So to check if I understood, you want to create a dropdown, and the data displayed on the dropdown will be different depending on a previous selection made?
Kid regards,

Hi Bruno,

The data displayed within the dropdown will be a combination of fields from within the same datatype ie

From Database > 3 Options (Field 1)+ 4 Options (Field 2) = 7 Options displayed in Dropdown Form visible to the User

Thanks ever so much!