Concept Map Plugin

I’m looking for a concept map plugin. The following image is an example of a concept map. Note that this is NOT a map of territory, so google maps will NOT help. Also, it is NOT a graph or chart of numeric data, so pie, bar, and line charts will NOT help.


Source: How to make a concept map - WikIT

For more information on what a concept map is see:

Following up to help others that want to tackle this in the future. I didn’t find a solution. Here are somethings that did NOT work:

  • the existing chartjs bubble plugin [1]. It doesn’t handle graphs (like a network or web). It only handles numerical charts like bar graphs, time series, and pie charts.
  • I also investigated There aren’t any ways to control the diagram in real time.
    ** Caveat: You can export and import graphs as CSV.
    ** But it doesn’t emit any javascript events. It doesn’t have any call backs, web sockets, or anything else that would like you do something in real time. Maybe it exists and I didn’t find it. If it exists, it might be that you have to control it through the page instead of the server. I don’t know. Any more detail is out of scope for bubble.

[1] ChartJS3 Time Series Line Chart Plugin | Bubble