Condition does not work

condition worked yesterday. Today is not working

Have you tried to inspect this element with the debug mode to see how the conditions are passed ?

Hi, I’ve never tried to use debugger

Go to the page where you have this text with the “preview” button in top right of your editor, then click the “inspect button” on the bottom white Bubble banner, you should be able to select your text and see conditions details.

Can you look into certain use case in app? I would give you a link.

Sent me the link and make sure you enabled external edit in your settings

Check this text (here fileuploader is not empty):

Hate it. I want to show it ONLY when fileuploader is empty, thing’s image is empty and API’s image is empty:
is visi

At the same time I want to hide it WHEN fileuploader IS NOT EMPTY:
isnt vis

As you can see on the screenshot above, this text does not care about my commands

@emmanuel it is definitely a bug

Do you solved it ? It’s working for me ?

use another image. It is too big. Use something with small width.

@emmanuel, @system, @josh, @allenyang

Hello! Sorry to hear about this trouble; can you please file a bug report with reproducible steps so that our team can investigate? Thanks in advance!

Can you take a look at my use case and say whether it is a 100% bug?

Not based off of the forum post, but if it worked before and has now stopped working, a bug report is most certainly appropriate. :slight_smile:

I suspect that maybe I’ve done a small change somewhere that I cannot remember right now.

It looks like a bug, but it is very weird, because as I know, this feature is an old one and a use case is very basic.

Wait, wait, wait.
The text is not showing whatever is the image size. Element his “hidden” under his properties…

When have I found it? I’ve done some changes recently

Hey guys, I’ve found one potential route.
“Link Preview - Get Preview’s image is not empty” IS NOT COMPATIBLE with “OR” or “AND” when I use it with other conditions in 1 field. When I use this condition (it is API plugin condition), then the condition = “” (nothing. Not “no”, not “yes”. I guess, API sends an error)

Any ideas how to solve it? (when I use this condition the problem is the same, I guess, because of the reason that there are same hidden “OR” or “AND” between conditions)