Condition on workflow to add point score

Hi bubblers, I am having an issue with my workflow condition to check that a correct option has been selected before scoring the player. The issue is when player selects the right option, the score adds x2 the amount it is supposed to. but resets to true value on refreshing page or going to next page.

Hi Eddietuha - Can you share a version of the app so that we can take a look - I can’t see why this is happening from the workflow screenshot you’ve sent.

this is the page i am using to experiment the scoring system
Click on image to reveal a picture and then choose a name from the options above the image

I can’t see the editor - did you make sure to put it in everyone can view mode?

i have set it so u can view

I have discovered the problem… I was using a navigation action to delay revealing the true answer and score. i have removed the action and its now okay. Guess i have to find another way of adding a delay function. Thanks for trying guys

You could use the ‘Add a pause before next action’ workflow, available in the navigation workflow tab,

this is exactly what i was using.

I’m currently looking at it, thanks for opening it up. I don’t understand your use of the 5 second delay, why it is relevant here. BUT: when you use those nav pauses, be aware that they only affect things happening on the screen, not in the db. If you’re saying that in realtime, the 5 second pause caused the db writing to happen twice on this element

then maybe you found a bug. Worth trying to replicate.

I’ve looked at your workflow structure and your db, and maybe I can help you with a quick tutorial. I’ll make one this afternoon, stay posted. But in the meantime can you please tell me why you would want to add a 5 second pause before showing the answer?

its more cosmetic than flesh. i wanted to use it to add a suspense feel to the trivia… but am looking at a work around that ca still give me the same effect. thanks

As far as I see it may be a bug or unexpected effect - when I run step by step and slow as well it seems that the workflow runs twice? Maybe one of the higher powers @emmanuel @NigelG or @romanmg can take a look - there should only be one call to increase score but it seems the navigation pause is making Bubble call it twice…

thanks so much for the idea… will implement the work ard.