Condition regardless of the item

Hello everyone.
This may be a basic issue, but bubble always ask me to specify the item the condition is related to. But I’m trying to create a condition where if 1 item - regardless of being the first, second, last, etc - is equal to 1, then an action is applied. But I just can’´t set that!

My app is a city guide app where I have 10 tours. There is a page (page 2) where I show the discription of the tour and a “buy the tour” button. This page content is completely related to a dataset with image, distance, discription, etc. I labeled the tour from Tour 1 to Tour 10. That’s how he know wich data to display. This part is OK.

When someone clicks the “buy the tour” button I create a row in another dataset called “Tours Sold”, with the data from the user and the tour he/she bought.

I want to create a condition that shows a “Start the tour” button if there is a row with related to that username and the tour bought is equal to the Tour page he is viewing. But I just can’t set this condition. bubble keeps asking me to specify the item the condition apllys. I don’t want to set a item. Want him to search the whole dataset and apply the condition if 1 row has the specifications i gave.

Can someone help me with that?