Condition to activate "Make this element droppable"

Guys I am working on a game app and is progressing really well! Currently working on few drag & drop elements and is working great (triggering WFs and such).

I also want these elements to move freely within the page (part of the game idea) and stay in the new location within page when they are dropped outside the designated drop area (this only works when the “make this element droppable” option is checked off). But when this option is ON, the elements would only move to the designated droppable area.

One possible solution I am looking for:
I can include a check box or something like that within these elements and when user decides to drop it to the designated drop area, they can simply use this check box. For this to work I am looking for a condition - When the check box is checked, “Make this element droppable” (check box). This is not an option right now, as you can see in the below:



Can anyone suggest an alterative solution or is this something Guys at Bubble will have to tweak?

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Guys I may have to redesign the whole stuff, if this won’t work out. I am sure it’s a simple work flow but just not available in bubble right now.

I found a work around.

Keeping the check box un-checked, “ Make this element droppable " and I am not using a designated drop box area. Just added a check box to the moving element and the WF will copy that element to a new field. Then added another Button to trigger my original intended action (that is when this element is dropped to the designated area).

Saved more than 50 work flows in the process!!