Condition when data matches certain value

Hi all,

I’m trying to make something happen conditionally - and the condition is that two IP’s match. Using the “IP & Address Lookup” plugin, I’m capturing the user’s IP initially, writing it to a table in Bubble then checking it on subsequent sessions to make sure it matches.

If, within 30 days of the last session, they use the tool and show up with the same IP, that meets the condition.

In looking at the strings that get written to the table when it records IP’s, the two values seem to match up perfectly… but the condition doesn’t trigger. Any thoughts? Happy to provide more detail if needed.

Please share screenshots. Someone will surely understand the problem and guide you through the possible solution.

Sure thing:

The first screenshot shows the IP Lookup element - it seems to work well to capture the value.

The second one is showing the Thing created - which I’m calling “LoggedIn” because it’s leveraging auth from another service (not Bubble). This part also seems to work fine, and the IP is being written appropriately to the table.

The last one is showing my condition - when they get to the page in question, it should go straight to the next page if it detects at least one LoggedIn row that’s not too old and that matches the IP (which I can also confirm is being captured and is identical to the written value in my test cases, but the rule isn’t getting triggered)

Hi there, @erik9… just throwing it out there because it can often be the culprit when something that looks like it should work isn’t working… do you have any privacy rules on your data types that could be getting in the way?


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Thanks, Mike - I think that looks okay. Anywhere other than here I should be looking?

What are the constraints on the Searched for LoggedIns? Have you tried loading the page in step-by-step mode to see if the debugger can give you any clues as to why it’s not working?

At this point I’ve removed all constraints except that the user’s current IP matches at least one row’s IP value - as part of confirming that IP is specifically the problem. What’s step-by-step mode? I can’t find documentation on it.

When you run a preview with ?debug_mode=true in the URL, you will see a Step-by-step button at the bottom of the page. Clicking that button gives you the ability to run workflows one step at a time so you can use the debugger to see what is going on in each step.