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Conditional API Workflow Settings Correct?

I’m trying to set a Thing to status = Closed after a certain expiration date…

It should only go to “Closed” status if other conditions are met.

Does the API workflow condition below satisfy this so that it WON’T RUN if the Booking Request contains “Accepted”? And it will remain in it’s current status?

I’ve got the same requirement in our teacher app - wondering if you figured yours out since your post @JustinC.

When a teacher signs up in our app for a trial, we schedule an API workflow to run 23 days later that lets them know their trial ends in 7 days. We also at this time schedule a workflow to end their trial (make changes to: account = inactive) 30 days after sign up. However, the teacher may in the course of their trial pay us, and then their account goes to Active. But we don’t want to send them that email and then make them inactive on their expiration date!

I think we got it with the below, by saying "only run this workflow when account status = “trial.” Curious to hear if the forum folk agree.

My understanding is that you probably don’t want to check “endpoint can be run without authentication” because that means it’s not going to look authenticate all the parameters before it runs.

On a separate note, I don’t have really any development background (which is why Bubble is so great!!!), and I wonder if the language of the api workflow editor couldn’t be a little easier for non-developer folks like me to understand

For example, I looked up what “return 200” means and the checkbox here seems to mean “let this workflow run and work.” I think…

If so, could the checkbox there instead read something like “Run this workflow even if the below condition is not true?”