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Conditional assigned groups

Hello everyone, brand new user here and I’m running into an issue.

Basically, we have a list of unassigned jobs. When a user selects one of the jobs and it’s assigned to them, I need that job removed from the main list of jobs.

I have tried all sorts of conditional options, and I can’t seem to get it to work. Anyone give any advice?

Thanks in advance - Erich

Plenty of ways to go about this, but you’ll need to make sure your datasource for the RG is set to only show ‘unassigned’ Jobs.

How you set or define whether a job is assigned or unassigned will depend on your database setup and how your app works - maybe you have a yes/no field on the job, or maybe you’ve got a User field on the Job referring to who it’s assigned to etc.

In any case, set a constraint on the datasource, so the RG only shows unassigned jobs, then when your user assigns a Job to themselves, run a workflow to make the necessary changes to that job to mark it as Assigned.

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Other than what is already proposed. You could also work with states and fill the list at the very beginning with the list of jobs. Once clicked (or how the user selects the job) you can remove this job from the list. It depends when you want / can make changes directly to the database if the user clicks on it.

So several options to choose from.

I spoke about it a bit in of my tutorials - it is completely different use case but maybe helps you getting some inspiration.



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Would either one of you be down to chat sometimes? Whatever platform you want.

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