Conditional Based on Database Value

I’m wanting to set a yes/no variable value in the database which then decides if my app displays tooltip icons or not. So I want a Conditional value on the icon to change its visibility. However I can’t find anything in the list of conditions that allows me to go off to find a database value.

Any thoughts on how i can achieve this?


Do you want the Condition to be set by a User, or for the entire app?

If it is based off a User you can add a Yes/No field directly on the User and then reference it in the Conditions using 'When Current User’s ToolTipToggle is “yes” - show tooltip icon

If it is for the entire app, you will need to build in a Data Type, such as App Settings and add in fields that you will want saved across the entire app. You will need to create a data item for this as well. Then you can search the App Setting using the ‘Do a Search for App Setting :first item’ to reference it

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Hi @antony.

In the conditions, try Do search for… then define the condition you want for the icon to change.

Thanks @timothymugendi… I am heading off in the right direction, but clearly not quite there yet, as I can’t make my Conditional When text go blue!

Here is what I have…

So I have a system supporting mulitple users, so each user has a “User Settings” type. I search for the User Settings thing for the current user in the Search box, and then for the "Show Toolkit Icon is “yes” in the When box… but my text remains red, so something is wrong somewhere… what do I need to change?

After the Search for User settings, put :first item

The Search returns a List, even if there is only one result, so you have to tell it to make it a singular yes/no

Thanks @gf_wolfer… yes, I was missing the :first item part. That makes absolute sense that a list is returned. All working!

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