Conditional branching?

I have a repeating group listing IoT objects that have different attributes and I’d like to go to a page or pages that show different attributes for the different types. Therefore, I have a couple of questions:

  1. If text objects that call external APIs are hidden, are the calls still made? In other words, if I hide the object, is that a way to avoid making the call which may not be valid?
  2. Is there any form of branching to enable a button in my app to go to different pages depending upon the value of a field?

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Kind of yes. The simplest way I know, is to define “only when” conditions in your actions for particular workflow. More or less like:

  • you have a workflow “when button is clicked”
  • in that workflow you have set of actions “go to page…”
  • but for each action you define condition “only when…” your field is xxxxx, yyyyyy, zzzz…
  • if you need more complex branches - instead of go to page - define custom events and trigger them from here

Another way could be defining links in database with some text field, then setting custom state of an element (=link) depending on the content of the search basing on your input element, then button going to the page defined in custom state. Since all values will change anytime input is changed - that could work with 1 action in a workflow, but it queries data more.

@jakubdab, Thank you for the suggestion. I hadn’t thought of that approach. What I’ve been doing is having multiple buttons in the same location and then hiding them depending upon the value of the object’s data. This could/would become unmanageable once the number of types grows much. As of now, I have 2 types and realized I’m not handling it in a very elegant fashion. I think I’ll try your “only when…” idea. Again, thanks!!!

If you may have more types in future - think of the second idea with just one action, and keeping types+corresponding links in database.