Conditional Cost Sum

Hi Forum,

I’ve been trying to figure this out but cannot think of a way. I’ve built a home inspection page which then automatically creates a report of its findings. If one inspection element needs a repair, the inspector can classify the repair as:

  • Cosmetic repair.
  • Timely repair.
  • Necessary repair.

In the report, I’m looking to create an overview of all costs categorized with the 3 types mentioned above per inspection category, i.e. Roofing External, Roofing Internal, Outside Walls, Electrical, etc.

So, for example, I need to get the Sum of all the Cosmetic Repairs, Timely Repairs, and Necessary Repairs for Roofing External. How do you get the sum of all data types if another data type is classified as one of the 3 repairs?

Hope this makes sense.

This is what the cost overview looks like. Hope this helps.

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