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Conditional dropdown list

I am trying to set an dropdown object on my page for which the list of items in the dropdown is conditional on a database field containing a value or not.
For example, I have a table of Golf Courses. Each course has values for rating and slope (2 numeric fields). Normally, there is a rating for each tee off colour (Blue, White, Gold, Red). So I have Blue_rating and Blue_slope fields, White_rating and White_slope fields, etc…
But not all golf courses have Blue, White, Gold and Red tee-offs. Therefore, some fields for a specific golf course may contain no value.
My Dropdown field on my page would show only those Tee Off colours for which there is a rating/slope value in it.

Sorry for the long explanation… I’ll keep imagining a solution in the meantime.


Hello @guygreen63

On the constraints towards the end of that properties box make sure to select “ignore empty constraints”.

Thanks @cmarchan . I will view the video.

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This is what I am trying to do.
For each Golf_Course, I have a rating value for Blue, White, Gold and Red Tee offs.
If a given golf course does not have a value for Blue tee offs, then I want the radio button option for Blue to be either grayed out or not showing. See picture.

Hello @guygreen63

This can be accomplished with lists. Each gold course shall have a list of ratings. If a blue rating is not in a course’s ratings list then grey it out.

Below a video on lists. Focus on the core teachings and build the necessary logic to apply to this feature that you want to build: :smiley:

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