Conditional Formatting "is in" Custom Option

Hello folks,

I’m trying to trigger visibility based on a condition: “Status is in ‘list of statuses’”. Please find below an example (and feel free to suggest a completly different approach):

There is a group containing a data type called “Cards”.

Cards table contains an attribute called “Place” that is a “option set”:

This option set has an attribute called “Valid”:

And there is an icon that I want to be visible only if that group’s Card is in a list of Places (that are filtered to places only with valid = “no”).
So the condition should be something like: Group’s Card’s Place is in All Card Places:filtered.

But I can’t find this option while composing the conditional:

Is there another way to do this?

PS: I can’t use ‘When Group’s Card’s Place’s Valid is “no”’, because sometimes “Group’s Card” is empty and it would trigger the conditional.

Many thanks in advance!


You should be able to reverse the order of the items you’re comparing and use the “contains” operator. So the expression would be:

All Card Places:filtered contains Group Card's Place

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Hey Sam,
Wow, so simple!
Thanks so much, it worked perfectly!

PS: Sorry for late reply, I tested it at the day that you replied, but I took sometime to come back here to answer.

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