Conditional Formatting/State Only Works Sometimes

Hello All,

I have been chasing an issue for several hours now, probably due to inexperience, but I am getting very frustrated and thought it would be a good time to stop and ask for help.

Some logistical backstory. I have, what is essentially, a single page site. I am using states to show or hide different content areas within my “main” group which is basically just a shell for the content. This has loosely been modeled from Gregory John’s PM Udemy course. I haven’t really run into too many issues up until now. To change the “content” of the main group I am using a couple states, “property” to pass the appropriate details along, and “view” to show and hide the correct groups.

In my database, I have several tables. The primary table is a “property” table that, among other fields, has a field of “Contract Items” with a type also of “Contract Items”.

When I go to my “property details” view, all of the information is displayed correctly. All of the nested groups are set to inherit their respective parent group’s “property” and seem to populate the needed information without a problem. The issue I am running into has do with some conditional formatting. I have a series of individual groups with a single text box inside of them. The default state is a light grey text with white background.


I did this so I could control the background color and the font color of the text. If I attempt to access any of the “Contract Items” for the associated property, 90% of the time it returns empty thus rendering my conditional formatting useless. If I move up a level and only attempt to use a field in the main “Property” table, the formatting works without issue. I have tried using the “parent group property” option as well as just accessing the “app property” directly. The results have been the same. It seems to work 1 out of every 10-15 times I refresh the page and I have no idea what the issue is.




To further complicate this, I have a popup window that I have been using to test this. It is set to inherit “app property”. It has a single dropdown which is tied to an update workflow and the default value is set to the same “Parent group’s Property’s Contract Information’s Contracts” value. It also works intermittently. I don’t know what I am doing wrong at this point.

Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated.
Thank You!

In case anyone runs across a similar issue, this was a self inflicted problem. I had set my data privacy settings incorrectly for my property data table. Once I fixed that, the conditionals worked without a problem.