Conditional page width doesn't change font size

I am attempting to shrink the size of the text at certain thresholhds using a conditional rule on the text.

However, in testing, it has no effect.

I am attempting to change it from size 18 to 14 but no resizing happens.

If I do a test with the same conditional rules but to change line height. The difference is noticed.

What could be going wrong?

I’ve done this in several apps, so I know it’s possible.

Could you share a screenshot of the Condition you’re using?

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I opted for the slidebar menu instead. Thanks anyway Petter.

I’m having the same problem. My condition is more simple than the example above.
When Current page width < 1000

There’s no change when the page width falls below 1000. I have other conditionals working for other elements, so I’m confused as to why this isn’t working.

Hi @asamuel1,

As mentioned above, this should work. Have you checked that there’s no style conditions on the element that overrides the element condition?

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Yeah, as it turned out since I was using the BB Code for font size I guess it was overriding the conditional format.

Thank you

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I’m facing the same issue for condition. I have to call API on basis of size of page width.
Consition is current page width >991 then call one API. ANd vice versa for <991. But this one is not working.
Any idea ? Am i doing something wrong?