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Conditional plurals based on number

I want to be able to conditionally display plurals based on dynamic numbers.
For example, for a url shortener, if a user creates new links.
0 links
1 link
2 links
3 links

(One should be singular and the other numbers plural)

I figured it out.

3 4

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This works well for a pre-populated Repeating Group. But if the statement is based on a Search Expression, then you have to input that expression three times. I think there is a better way to do this with a format qualifier but I can’t currently find it…

Do the dynamic expression as was demonstrated but after count use an operator to determine if it is greater than 1 and then use the formatted as text operator and in the No section set singular and in the Yes section set the plural.

Like this, correct? (only the Airdev Canvas standard RG tool used “is 1”)


I suppose the Airdeve approach will give you 0 results whereas what I suggested would make 0 result…so maybe there use of is 1 is better thought out.