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Conditional Statement Help


I am using a donut chart to show the number of units consumed and when the units exceed the max it restarts the donut chart. I have a condition for the value as attached. What I am looking to do in the conditional statement is "if the “value” is greater than the “maximum” then the value defaults to the “maximum”

value condition statement

@allen.archuletajr What plugin are you using?

@djtochner Circular Donut Charts by Anticode

I’m not familiar with the plugin, but here are two ways:

  1. (if the option is possible) Do a conditional formatting of the “value” . When the sum is greater than max then the value should be max.
  2. In a workflow, set a custom state based on that logic and present that custom state as value instead of the expression that is currently there

@djtochner Thanks for the feedback, I had to use a work around where the graph turns red when it exceeds max

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