I have a yes/no field in my users. When the condition is true, I need to show an element in his profile page.

The problem is that I can see the element only when I’m logged in with the same user of the user profile (page).
I need to make the element visible for all the users (even them that are not logged in), but I can’t.

What should I do?

This is the data field:

This is the condition I have defined to the element that I want to show:


What do you have set as the current page’s user? Have you used a custom state to define that somehow? Otherwise I think it will default to a view of “current user” and that’s why you can only see it when logged in. If you use custom states it should be able to fix this. Not sure if you’re familiar with custom states but this is what I’d do in your case.

So for example, create a custom state on the page called “user_choice” of type user. If you don’t know how, just click the page so it’s selected and then click the “i” button next to the question mark at the top. There you can create a custom state. Anyway. I will assume you are loading user profiles using a repeating group. So. When someone clicks on an user’s profile picture, you do your normal workflow of showing the user profile group which I am assuming you’re doing currently… and then the second step of your workflow would be (under the element actions section) "Set state (select the page you created the custom state in) and set it to current cell’s user. Now, in your conditional of “Group U”, instead of what you have, do something like “when (current page)'s user_choice’s buscaTrabajo is si…” then check off the This element is visible property. That might do it, or something similar. I hope this helped!

Before anyhting… Thank you for taking your time to answer my question!

I tried what you say, but when I define the conditional statement of the ‘Group U’ I can’t the select the custom state ‘user choice’. Because I have defined the page as type User. So, when I try to use the custom state, I can only select between the field of user, not the custom state.

Anyway, what is rare is that when I’m logged in with the Profile-Page user, I can see the element (the conditional works fine). But, when I’m logged out/logged in with other user is when I can’t see the element.

Hi there, @francochapa01… the issue you are describing sounds like something that comes up a lot these days, and that something is the default privacy rule of This User is Current User on the User data type stopping users from seeing other users’ data. So, check your privacy tab and see if that rule exists. If it does, you can modify it to meet the needs of your app (for example, give users access the yes/no field for other users), and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps.


That was exactly the problem!!
Thank you so much Mike.

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