Conditional Text Alignment Not Working For Me

Already sent this as a bug to Bubble, but wanted to see if anyone else is having this issue or has figured a workaround.

To detect the bug: Increase the page width to over 1000 and observe the text become italicized but fail to align right (even though the alignment right and italic tick are listed under the same condition “Current page width > 1000”).

Editor: Conditional-text-alignment | Bubble Editor
App preview:

Yes you’re right, I can’t see anything in your example that can glitch.

What happens if you remove the “Heading 1” style from the text element? I’m wondering if it overrides the alignment maybe? I can’t edit the page, so I wasn’t able to test the hypothesis.

Andrew’s theory is good. It’s your “heading 1” that gets the trouble.

I removed the “heading 1” and set it to the default “body” style, but no cigar…

@JohnMark , do you have a working example?

@andrewgassen i changed the app permissions to edit, feel free to have a go.

and thanks for the feedback guys, hope i can get past this hurdle this week and back to other parts of my app development.

Fixed it! Take a look.

amazing, so all u did was remove the style. i thought i tried this (before then setting it to “body”), but maybe my browser cache didn’t pick up the change. either way, thanks mucho.

“when in doubt, forum it out.”

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I think the important change was I removed the brackets you had in the text that said “left.” That was blocking the conditions.

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Thx 2 Eve Kozina (bubble support), I learned that “html formatting” is applied when we use the [] brackets that Andrew mentioned. Meaning, the brackets and html formatting are one and the same (unless I am mistaken). This html/bracket formatting overrides the conditional formatting (text alignment) that I was trying to apply.

Removing the brackets, the conditional text alignment works as expected.

Wanted to share this for any onlookers who encounter this “bug” (that’s not a bug).


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