Conditional visibility setup problem

Hi all!

I’ve been trying to setup visibility conditions, but I guess I need some help…

There are two types of users: Venues and Entertainers.
Venue and create a Gig-Offer. And Entertainer’s Project can apply for this Gig-Offer.

Now I am at the stage of a workflow setup, where Venue visits Entertainer’s Project page (who applied for Venue’s Gig-Offer) to review this Entertainer’s Project and “accept” or “decline” this Entertainer’s Project application.

I want to include a group of buttons in the Entertainer’s Project page, that should be visible only when the Venue visit’s page of the Entertainer’s Project who has submitted application for this Venue’s Gig-Offer.

May sound complicated, but maybe you got the idea and can share thoughts on how to set up such visibility condition:)

Do I need to create additional data types “Accept” and “Decline” or is it enough to have only “Application” data type?

I’ve attached a few screenshots.

It sounds like the Entertainer project page has a project by default, so I don’t understand how the Venue could get to this page if it’s not related to their project. In this specific scenario I don’t think you don’t need to use a conditional.

If instead of having a project page, you had an entertainer page it would be a different story but would need to see how your database is setup!