Conditional visibility through url parameters

Hi, all! I tried using states for conditional visibility of multiple dropdowns, but couldn’t get it to work. I’m now using url parameters. It seems that I have it set up correctly as it seems pretty straight forward. When I click on the name of the secondary dropdown’s name as an option in the main dropdown, then the name of that chosen secondary dropdown appears in the url. I have conditions in the main dropdown that if any other dropdown’s name appears in the url, then the main dropdown shouldn’t be visible. The main dropdown is by default visible on page load and collapsed when hidden. Likewise, I have conditions set to each secondary dropdown that if it’s name is in the url, then it should be visible. Regardless if I use states or url parameters, I end up with the same result; The main dropdowns placeholder changes to the name of the selected secondary dropdown, but the options don’t change to those of the secondary dropdown. Any suggestions would be appreciated. BTW, if I opt to have any secondary dropdown visible on screen load, it does display it’s own options, and all options are pulled dynamically from the database as fields of a data type.

I may need a custom state to reset the choices when I select a different dropdown. Working on that now.