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Conditionals on backend workflow (help)

I am using OpenAI to translate text.

The conditional I am setting is if text:Character count < 10,000 use GPT 3.5.

If > use GPT-4

When the text is over 10,000 I am not getting a response. I also do not receive any errors from the API. The text is still within GPT-4 max token range.

I’m guessing this is something I did wrong in bubble. Should I set the conditional on the front end and separate it into two backend API calls?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Were you granted access to Gpt-4? If not, you’ll get an error stating there’s no such model. Check your server logs.

Lol at thinking the guy is so stupid he doesn’t know if he has access to something.

That’s hilarious.

Hey @michhharmoney you need access to a computer too for it to work. You on a computer?

Not sure. If the conditionals work on the front end just keep them there and make two backend api calls.

Bubble pros will probably roast me for this. If it works it works. I see no security issue or performance issues.

Yes. I have access to 4.

Thank you for attempting to help… I think it does. Will try again.

You’re both a couple of tools. And I’m talking about dildos.

You can specify Gpt-4 but that doesn’t mean you can use it.

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Language Dougie. Come on!

Lol at this response even more than your first.

Unless of course you’re trolling. Which in that case. Well done. You got me.

You’re a left handed screw driver.

Aw, come on… play nice, gents.

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An expert. Being serious. Do you know the answer to the original question? I don’t

Have a good weekend everyone!

Yeah there’s nothing wrong with this answer, and it’s almost surely the right one:

This is Bubble here. People do dumb stuff and @doug.burden didn’t even imply the OP was dumb. He just accurately answered the question with the 100% most likely reason for the OP’s problem. Followup posters are demonstrably douchey.

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@keith @doug.burden

I’d like to apologize for this thread getting out of hand. Sorry everyone. You are both valuable contributors to this forum. And help noobs like me get up to speed.