Conditionals on Dynamic Data

Hi, i’m attempting to generate a file using dynamic data with a plugin like this one:

  • The data will be coming from DataType1, which my input form dumps it’s data directly into. (this has multiple input types like text fields, and checkboxes, etc).
    Plugins like the one above only has a normal editor window that can source dynamic data, so while it works fine for most fields, it can’t handle other conditional situations (like checkbox fields, which I have several of) -basically some fields will need to be changed to say BAD or OKAY based on their state of yes or no in the database, or if one input is over “50”, the file needs to read “HOT” instead of “50”

  • So my question is, what’s the best way to go about this? create an entire workflow just to run conditionals on all the fields, and then save that data into a new datatype, (like DataType2), and only then run the plugin, using the “flattened” dynamic data in DataType2?

Or is it somehow possible to run all these conditionals inside of a basic editor window? or some third option I’m not aware of?


PDF Conjurer plugin is what I’d look at.

I can’t offer anything other than that, I’ve never done it (it’s something I will be doing by next week though), but from reading up for 5 mins, that does checkboxes and everything.

It runs client side so doesn’t eat into your server.

that looks like an amazing plugin that i’ll be looking into for my .pdf needs… however, the file I’m generating isn’t pdf, it’s just a basic text file (.txt)

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