Conditions and visibility based on submissions and number range?

I want to create a way for users to hit a milestone.
I want to have three different milestones based on how much content they produce on the website, but I am currently hitting a wall. If I set it to “display only when the count is less than equal to or greater than equal to” then it would still show one of the other two

For example: If I say to only show a badge if they have done less equal to 3, less than equal to 10 and less than equal to 15… then it would show all three once I hit 15. Is there a way to set it where the condition is … show only if it is less than 3 submissions?
Show if it is only 4- 14 submissions and then show only if it is 15 and above?
I don’t think its possible.

Show if >0 and <=3
Show if >3 and <=10
show if >10 and <=50

Hope this helps :smiley: If you want me to walk you through it let me know.

Thank you for the quick reply !
Unfortunately it does not allow me to do that. I put in the "item:count >0 and " after the “and” it does not let me select the additional value statement. I think that bubble only allows for one.

Edit: This works!! I just had to write out the entire condition twice!! THANK YOU !!