Confirmation HTTP POST in Endpoint

Hi everybody, im trying to configure an endpoint to POST some data from PAYULatam payment Gateaway when a transaction is completed. I configure the endpoint getting the data I need but nothing happens when transctaction completed. The Payment service have some requirements for the HTTP POST URL. @NigelG @emmanuel thanks for your time.

Quite difficult to tell what is going on just from that.

Have you tested your Bubble endpoint in something list Postman ?


I can’t recommend Postman enough for anyone attempting to use the API feature on Bubble. It will save you considerable time and frustration and give you a better understanding of how API calls communicate with your app.


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Completely agree. Extremely useful!

@NigelG Thanks for the info. I will try it. I figured out finally, I was having problems configuring the endpoint -_- it was very simple. PayU its a very simple and usefull payment gateaway. I will do a tutorial connecting it with bubble.


Hi @julian

Did you make a tutorial for Payu to connect Bubble?