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Conflict between Yes/No states

I set the state of the group to yes after having clicked on the group but the workflow follows with this action right away.

Any solution to avoid this since I’m using this action within a RG?

I’d like to have it work like this:

  1. I select the item wish which sets the state of the group to YES, creates a Temporary inquiry, makes change to the user and runs Javascript cookies.
  2. a. I select the same item, it deletes the Temporary inquiry.
    b. I reload the page Javascript runs and triggers Restore Temp. inquiry which sets the state of that group to yes again.
    Screen Shot 2021-10-24 at 5.17.36 pm

Well it’s weird now it’s working…

I just have a problem when I reload the page! I try to mimic this step from @keith but then have all users picking up the javascript setting the state to Yes and displaying all the wishes present in the database Temp. inquiry…

It’s coming from this group state Yes/No. It needs a work-around because on page reloads it turns all of them as Yes state…
Screen Shot 2021-10-24 at 5.17.36 pm

I already need to set many conditions if state is Yes or No…

I removed Javascript, removed custom states and only use database with Unique User Id and Product unique Id from the wish-list to trigger a Yes/No state with conditional on the Icon.