Conflicting API Endpoint URL's

I noticed today that my app is no longer receiving PayPal webhooks, so I took a look at the API settings for my app and noticed that the “Workflow API Root URL” is different than the root URL that I am given whenever I use the “Detect Data” function when setting up a webhook in my backend workflows page.

The Detect Data URL I am given and use for my PayPal webhooks is “” while the root URL found in my app’s API settings is “”.

My live webhooks do not include the “version-test” part of the URL.

Could this difference in URL’s be why my webhooks are not sending? And in the past, webhooks also took up to 5 minutes to receive from PayPal which may also be explained by this conflicting URL.

My current domain uses the “” URL.

Which URL should I give to PayPal for optimal webhook reception?


Both your domain and [app name] endpoints work the same

The “detect data” endpoint shows your app name but you can actually still do you domain endpoint (with /initialize at the end) and it also works.

Give Paypal your full domain one though (without /initialize once you’ve initialized it of course)

I have not worked with Paypal API but if the webhook is finally received at 5 minutes that sounds like them processing the payment really slow…

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Like even though it’s delayed it either works or it doesn’t right?

But also I hope you’re putting the WF name after the endpoint URL?[wf name]

Makes sense, thanks!

And yep PayPal webhooks seem to be a problem for lots of people according to their dev forum. Some payment webhooks take up to 2 hours as well. Definitely frustrating coming from such a big company, might have to switch back to Stripe which is what I was originally using and delivered instant webhook notifications every time.

Yah I do include the workflow name, just rushed the post content there. They work for the most part. I’m going to contact the PayPal support team and hope that they can help as I think it’s an issue on their end.

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