Confused about page loading speed

Hi everyone,

I’ve just finished my website but am having a bit of trouble with load speeds.

The website URL is

I have included what I hope will be sufficient detail below, but I am seeking guidance on:

  1. Do I actually have a problem? When I open the page in incognito mode it loads pretty quickly - I would say within 2-3 seconds. Speed tests (results below) tell a different story
  2. Gtmetrix has LCP at what seems to be a good 1-2 seconds, but Lighthouse and Pagespeed are showing 13-15 seconds. Why are these results so different?
  3. Total load on Gtmetrix is still > 30 seconds, which seems like a big red flag. But how do I reconcile this with my own experience loading the page?
  4. Lighthouse and Pagespeed are showing a run.jps file of 715kb that is taking 5.4 - 7.7 seconds to load, and static.js which is taking 1.8 - 4.9 seconds to load. Why is this taking so long (surely 715kb isn’t that big…), and is there anything I can do to reduce the file size/speed this up?

The results from different tests are below:

Other important information:

  • Installed plugins - AirAlert, API Connector, Bubble Plugins, Chart JS, Classify, CSS Tools, Fix Tab Order, Floppy: Local Store, Lists & More!, Input Mask, List Shifter Karma-Ware
  • Only one, very basic text only repeating group
  • No database content, except for the simple repeating group mentioned above
  • No workflows on page load
  • One ‘Do every 1 second’ workflow

Thanks in advance!

  1. That is youractual bubble app. There is no control on that.

  2. Usually when 2 tests have different reaults is because one test is made on a desktop device and the other is made on a mobile device. Usually it’s preferred to test on mobile directly because it’s where you see more problems. I suggest because you can actually select different configurations.

Thanks very much @dorilama, really appreciate your comments. I’ll check out

With regards to 4), I thought this would be the case (that it is all or mostly bubble), but thought perhaps some of my active plugins or site-specific code would be in that as well. Do these js files have site specific code? And if not, would every bubble app run through Lighthouse or Pagespeed have similarly long loading times (up to 8 seconds for that js file alone)?

Thanks again

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