Confused about updating a number field

I have a number field that represents the number of people at a particular place. This number is increased when more people are added, but this depends on a successful transaction. So the idea is that, if a person’s payment is successful, they get added and the number of people at that place increases and vice versa. After doing some research on my own, I discovered that I needed to set up a backend workflow (which I have done and I hope I am right). The field is now updating, but the problem is that it is updating even when the payment is not successful. My suspicion is that I am missing out something somewhere that I just can’t seem to figure out now. Has anyone ever dealt with something similar? I would really appreciate your insight.

How do you determine if the payment is successful or not? You just need to add that logic as a conditional on triggering your backend workflow.

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Yeah, you need to have a conditional on that workflow. Also, if you show us an image of your setup we could likely help you pinpoint it!

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Thanks for your response. Actually, for a succeessful transaction, I have a page loaded action. When the transaction is successful, I am using the parameter from the payment page’s url.

If you are also starting the backend workflow on page is loaded then just add the conditional at the bottom to only when the url parameter = ‘success’ or whatever it may be for a successful payment.

Hi, Kevin. This is what I did for a successful transaction.

Thanks. I will try this now.

It worked. Thanks so much.

Glad to hear it’s all sorted!

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