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Confused on how to create mobile app

I’m a newbie to bubble, only really been using it for a couple of months. I’ve been working on making an app I want to eventually put on the ios store, but I have no idea what I need to do in the designing process. First I’m confused about the navigation, bubble says not to send users to a new page, so how do I get users to new pages? Also, I’ve been designing on the recommended fixed width from bubble at 320 x 640 , but when I looked at it in responsive view, it’s all messed up. Need Help!

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Hello @keve2021

You will find the info you need here:

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Even with bubble there is no way around spending some time on learning the basics, e.g. by taking an online course :wink:

If you want to start based off of a template, you can check out Mobile Starter Kit 2.0 Template | Bubble (disclaimer: im the creator). But also when starting from a template, i would strongly recommend on checking out some youtube videos or online courses first.