Connect a personal domain Gandi with bubble


I can’t connect my domain with bubble. “we found bad DNS record”.
Whats the process please to connect correctly a Gandi domain with bubble ?

Thanks a lot

I am facing the same thing

Which registar are you both using?

Hey @johnny i am using

And what do your settings look like in Bubble and records in your registrar?

I deleted existing A records from and added the ones from bubble did not allow me to add a “www” as an A record - said www can only be added as a CNAME; so I added the regular A records.

Aright, good to know. For the www one add a CNAME record of instead and see if that works

You mean like so?

No, so for the CNAME value for www. Put

not op, but i’m having similar issues with adding a domain, what am i doing wrong?


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