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Connect Client Stripe or Paypal


i’m planning to create at website where clients can connect their own stripe or paypal account so that when someone buy a something then it will send to their stripe or paypal account

is it possible? if yes can you tell me how?

Is there a question here?

yes sorry i post it without the questions. is it possible? if yes can you tell me how?

Ah, got it. I’d look to @copilot and their stripe.js plugin. There are a few threads on this floating around the forum, but I’d check there first.

can you give me some threads? because i don’t know what to look at

Hey @jigsgfx.gj,

Take a peek at the Stripe.js forum post! If you need help understanding the Stripe architecture as a whole and how it’ll play a role in your platform’s financial structure, give the Platform Payments course a shot. :slight_smile:

great thank you so much will check this out