Connect cpanel server (localhost) to bubble

I have a dedicated server which uses cpanel and I create databases using the database wizard. Just as an aside you can probably tell from the first sentence that I’m not technically minded!

What I’m trying to do is connect Bubble to my server so that it can read the database that I have built on that server.

When I build a database on my server my connection is localhost.

Where do I find the correct user/pass/connection in my cpanel that Bubble can understand?

Does any of that make sense to you guys?


It makes sense but we have no way of knowing how to tell you to find it or if your database provider (dedicated server) allows you to utilize the database with a publicly accessible address (i.e. not localhost).

You will have to provide us with more details about where your dedicated server is hosted OR reach out to your dedicated server provider with a support ticket.

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Thanks for that, much appreciated. I will ask my server people if I can have a public address and come back to you.

My server support say that it is allowable but offer no further advice. Is there any information about my server I can tell you in public that would help you to solve my problem? Thanks Al.

@alec.bancroft who are you paying to host your server? What is their website? They were called SingleHop