Connect Database and Import pre-created users

I’m trying to import users from a databate so my clients don’t have to sign up, they just need to login with the user i gave them.
First problem: my SQLDatabase are refusing connection ( im using wampserver on localhost );
Second: After I connect my database i need to import the users logins from a .CSV but i dont know how put the infos on the excel. ( name, email and password );

Hi Pedro :wave:

Create an user in your Bubble’s database and export this database. You will receive in your email a perfect scheme of how your data should be assembled during the upload process.

You will not be able to import your user’s password. They will have an account without password (they will not be able to login). So they will need to click in “Reset password” to receive an e-mail with the link to this process.

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I see, imma try that and if i make it work than I reply there, Thank you so much.

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got it! I dont have the access to the users passwords, right?

No, you don’t!
They will have to create their own.