Connect Form To Clients

I have a repeating list of clients then I want to have multiple forms underneath each client and I want to be able to add and view the form on the client detail page. I have everything figured out except for what is the best way to reference the forms to the individual client.

I now figured out how to fill it out so it it connected to the client but I need to know how I can add a link in the client detail page to view that form that was created.

So this is a classic example of a “one to many” relationship.

Assuming you have two data types, client and form.

On the client, you add a new field called “List of Forms” (or whatever you list) and set the type to be “form” and click the “this is a list” box.

On the form, you add a new field called “Client” and set the type to be client.

Now, when you create a form, you set the client field to be the owner client. And you then have another step that adds the form to the list of forms.

Now, you can simply have a repeating group of “This client’s list of forms”. And have a link to a page, with the page type set to “form” and you send the selected form.

Ok got that figured out. Now do have to make one page with the form to fill out and then another page to view the saved form?

No, not at all.

You might be better having groups to do this anyway, so show and hide sections of the page. Neater and quicker.