Connect Multiple Data Items at once over API

Hello :slight_smile:

My browser extension sends data over the DataAPI to the bubble database.

The data I send has two parts, each a separate data type:

  1. the content itself
  2. a comment connected to it.

I tried to create the comment first, then call the API to get the unique_ID of that comment. Finally I add the new unique_ID of the comment to the creation of the content (third time using the API). That needs a significant amount of time which is not good for the user flow.

Is there an easier way to solve that? Can I send all data to bubble at once and let the creation of a comment and a content item happen as a workflow?

Iā€™d be super happy if you could outline a solution or point me towards the right search terms.

Best, Manuel

Hello @manuel.merki

  • Enable the workflow api
  • Add an endpoint (a backend flow) with the necessary parameters to receive your data
  • Transform/send your data in the simplest form possible that can enable the creation of objects on the next step
  • Build recursive logic in the endpoint to run through your list

Hope the above helps :smiley:

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Thank you for your answer!
The general outline helped :slight_smile:
I could make it work :pray:

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