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Connect my app to Wordpress

Hello Bubble

I have a website on Wordpress and then I have made a login system here in bubble I want to connect the to sites. What is the best way to do this?


Exactly how do you want to connect them?

Some examples:
You could put a link on each site that goes to the other
You could put one of the sites at “” and the other one as a subdomain “
You could use OAuth so that the login information is shared between the apps
You could use APIs to edit some information on one of the sites using the other (more advanced)

My idea was to put one of the sites at “” and the other one as a subdomain “

Could you elaborate a bit more on how this works and how this can be achieved @gf_wolfer? I am very interested in sharing login information between WP and a Bubble app. Thanks for any more information you have on this in advance!

First you will need to create the subdomain with you Domain Registrar. Google “create subdomain (your registrar name)” and it should be straightforward

Then in the Bubble editor, under the Settings tab, you will go to Domain and Email, enter the subdomain as your domain name, and get the DNS records which you will then enter into your domain registrar

@maestro you can use a Bubble plugin called ‘Wordpress’ that @romanmg created. I haven’t used it myself so I cannot comment on it, but she makes some quality stuff so it should be straightforward


Thanks a lot for your reply @gf_wolfer!
Unfortunately this plugin uses the account to authorize login/registration. I am looking for a way to grant people who signed up for my wordpress website with their email and password (specific for my wordpress site, not their account) access to a Bubble app too. Or the other way around: Grant logged in Bubble users acces to my wordpress website. I think @jacob is looking for the same thing.
Any ideas on how to achieve this?

Ah, got it.

On the Bubble end it should be possible, but I am not a WP expert so not certain about how it can be done there. You would need to create API calls directly to a WP website. I imagine with WP’s flexibility it is possible, but might take a Plugin or an expert to get it done. Others on here might have better info around this

Yeah I am also quite sure this must be possible, because of Bubble’s and WP’s flexibility, although I wouldn’t know how to set this up. If anyone can help with this that would be much appreciated!

Thanks for your input Geoff!

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