Connect to a WordPress front end through SSO - JWT?

Hi all, i work for freelance gig i’ve been asked to develop and user test before production a new feature for a platform used by a NGO. Problem is, the platform is a WordPress app (user account; admins etc) . As I’m not proficient nor i want to touch WordPress, I wanted to know if this schema is possible to do with Bubble ?

key insights :

  • having just one user account is important
  • WordPress dev side is surcharged so less work for them is better (that why I’m here!)
  • data sync management could be solved by api / SQL Database Connector (but as far as i understand it’s no useful for login access so that why im asking about SSO

Is this somehow possible ?

Cheers !

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Hi @mamuzaIT, were you ever able to solve the sso question for your app? I’m looking into the same sort of thing, where the client has an existing Wordpress user mgmt system and wants to build a bubble app that uses the same login as WP. Thanks for any insight you might be able to share!