Connect User data type to other data type


I would like to connect the following:

User data type (which has the user name, title, place etc.) --> connect with --> Experience Data type (this has the experience of the user). The ‘Experience data type’ should have more than one experience and be able to be connected with the Current user. Each ‘Experience data type’ has a strt date, end date, company name and function title.



Have a list of Experiences on the User ?

So create a new field and select Experience as the data type … Then tick the “this is a list” box.

The user has experiences (job experiences). Each experience has a start date, end date, company name (company worked for) and function/job title. So when I make a list, all these data should be displayed as a whole, not seperate. And the user shoudl also be able to edit/add/delete each experience.

I am not sure the list will work, because all the items within the EXPERIENCE data type should be a group.

Yes, that is how this will work.

You can display the user’s Experience in a repeating group of type Experience.

Then have a button in the RG to delete “this experience”.

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How does the data type ‘Use Experience’ get’s connected to the User? Because It doesn’t show anything.

Is there some configuration I need to make in the data type? Primairy fields?

Well…it will be connected anyway via “created by” but you probably won’t need to get a random experience record and wonder who it belongs to. You will be on the user page and displaying their experience. So attached to a Group or Page.

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