Connect WP users database to Bubble

I’m running a job board where I get new users(searching for a job) signed up daily and I want to keep it that way.
I’d like to create another bubble app (employer facing) where I can connect WP database and display all users on my Bubble, so it’d have to update quite often (if not live). Employers upon paying a subscription fee can view the database and possible filter it as well.

Is that possible? I don’t need my candidates to be able to log in to edit their details, they can still do it in Wordpress.


Yes it is possible if you have the access to the database where your wordpress’s table are.

Check the plugin SQL Database Connector.

Thanks rpetribu!

What would be the Connection string? I see multiple ways to connect it

Another thing is, in my SQL database I only see very basic information about the users, I have some custom fields that I’d also like to export to Bubble