Connected record problem Child finds parent but

I have a database and in the database I have a parent file called Patients and two connected child files one called PNotes and one called PAction. The two child files have the connection field to the parent and I also created a field that i add the parent’s unique ID. (thank god).

If I create a list of patients and the user clicks on a patient, then everything works totally fine. Any connected children records show and those records can be edited or new records can be added and everything works perfectly. In view app data both the connected field and my text field show the parent unique id

The problem is if I find either of the children files, everything seems to work OK the parent record shows, and all children connected records are found. The problem is even though everything appears perfect on the screen when a record is edited or a new record is added the parent is not connected, Parent record shows on the sceen but when a child record is edited or new record is added it does not connect to the parent or disconnects (in case of edit). Also of interest, the unique id of the parent file is recorded in my text field but the connected field shows blank.

Is this a bug or am I doing something? Would groups affect this? Why does it work if I find the parent but does not work if I find the parent via the child connection. (even though both look the same)

here is the event for finding parent via child

Thankfully because I recorded the partent field in a text field I can use this event.

This works perfect. Looks exactly the same on screen but child files can be edited and new ones create and they are connected to the parent.

this is the events that display the child records same for finding via child or search for parent.

Thanks for your help.


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