Connecting a directory app to OpenAI


I’m looking for someone to join my team for approx. 1-2 weeks to build an OpenAI integration to my directory app, including a search UI.

We want to offer AI-enabled search of our directory so people can search via natural language rather than filter through loads of categories.

The contract will start immediatelly and can be extended past this project if successful as I will need more help in the future.



Hello @j.zapletal

We’ll be glad to help you out with this. Check your PM please and feel free to leave your request on our website, or just email us at [email protected]

Regards Pavel, EazyCode Team !

First off, is there any reason you wouldn’t go with algolia over openAI as bubble is already integrated with it smoothly and they offer natural language searching.

Secondly I would definitely recommend Pavel and his team at ezcode. ^ they do great work.


I had no idea - thank you @chris.williamson1996 :raised_hands:

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Natural language search is only in their Elevate plan that has NeuralSearch (which they don’t publish pricing for) - the standard paid plan uses keywords (which is possible in native Bubble using fuzzy search or just having a search field on a data type with all the relevant keywords). There’s a good comparison of both keywords vs vector here: NeuralSearch | Algolia

I have no clue on the pricing of Algolia’s NeuralSearch and if it’s cheaper/more expensive than OpenAI. Worth a shot though. Also Algolia has a speed advantage.

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pm sent with details pls check