Connecting App to Heroku Server

Hi I have my backend deployed on Heroku and I want my users to interact with it through Bubble’s input search box. How can I link them together?

I tried to do the Integration on pipedream but I am unable to link my Bubble account.

Will I need to custom build a plugin? Is there any other way to do this

Once you’ve deployed your API on Heroku’s server, you can communicate with it like any other REST API by adding your API under Bubble’s API Connector plugin.

The headers and authentication might take a little fiddling around with to get right. Then, for each endpoint I recommend importing your endpoint by clicking the “Import another call from cURL.”

Users can then interact with your API because you can call your endpoints as any other Action in a Workflow. i.e. If a user clicks this button → Select the name of your API call.

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