Connecting things together

Hi all bubble developers!

I’m struggling a bit…

I have a thing (Teelten) that contains a list of Packed in packhouse" (that pack the fruit)

I want to connect this “Teelten” Thing to my “Bedrijf” Thing.
Therefor I have added 2 fields to experiment with in my Teelten Thing:

  1. UniekBedrijfsNummer containing a number
  2. UniekBedrijfsNummer03 containing the GrowerID (bubble ID)

The Idea is that I want to make a repeating group or map based on a search on both Teelten and Grower Thing fields.

I have a list field Packhouses (based on my Bedrijf Thing)
so the number 1529 and 1530 are 3 packhouses.
These numbers do have names that are also in the Bedrijf Thing.

I’m able to show the numbers, but I want to show the names:
Schermafbeelding 2020-06-29 om 13.26.42

But when I select the UniekBedrijfsNummer03 and select the Bedrijf Thing’s Name it will not show anything…
Schermafbeelding 2020-06-29 om 13.28.12

What is going wrong here in my situation?

thanks a lot for your help!