Connecting to Amazon SPS Api

Has anyone done this successfully ? I’ll pay if someone can help me through this
I can get the bearer token.

What types of problems you are facing in connecting the API’s or it just feels complicated?

I’m having trouble creating and signing the URI

very complicated lol. The workflow I am imagining is returning the access token to a back end workflow where I’d have to create the URI and pass it back somehow. I don’t know how I’d initialize a new call without doing the aws sign in the back-end

Is this the doc page? SP-API Endpoints

yes it is

I have not done this before. But I have done some from complex to simple. I would like to give it a try. Can I send you DM’s?

I’d appreciate that a lot! I’ve connected to dozens of APIs but this one is driving me crazy

Thank you. Let’s try together. I will send you DM’s soon.

Please check. I have sent a meeting link

responded thanks

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Let me know if you need help, was connected to MWS for a long time and now SP-API.

You no longer need the AWS4 signature to connect.

I can also help with Keepa

This seem to use a client_credentials oAuth2 process. In bubble, this can be donne normally using the Custom oAuth2 authentification.

Like @FlipList said, no need to AWS4 signature