Connecting to the Auphonic API

This is my first time trying to access external APIs,

I’m having trouble connecting and authenticating to the Auphonic API.

Seems that ill have to connect through OAuth2 and I am able to register my App to get a client ID/Secret.

Now what do I do with this?
The Auphonics api also asks for a redirect URI?
And uses curl to make its calls?

Anyone with experience with this, help please

You need to add bubbles API connector plugin and configure your API calls. Once setup correctly, these can be referenced in workflows. you will want to read up on the Auphonic API documentation for call syntax. It is all pretty standard but you will want to map up for data fields. the best way to start if to get your token working.

It is not simple, but it is dooable, post back here if you get stuck.

I have bubbles api connecter plugin,
but I can’t seem to get my head around how to connect the api using the field and parameters given by the plugin with the curl code from the Auphonics documentation.

Apparently, I can authenticate with HTTP Basic Auth using my username and password from the site but is this the best way to authenticate if I plan to pass their services to clients?
(Btw I have not got this auth to work either)

I think I am miss understanding how the curl commands connect with the bubble plugin

D you have any ideas?