Connecting with the Tremendous API

Hi bubblers,

Sharing an idea here for anyone who might be inclined. Would love to see an end-to-end tutorial or plugin for connecting with and using the Tremendous API.

Assume it would be useful for many - certainly would be for me!


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@josh27, looking at the API-docs it seems it’s a pretty straight forward set of API’s. Bearer token authentication and simple get and posts. Creating the API’s is not the bulk of work, the most work will be saving, showing, modifying data etc…

Gerbert (MVP Design)

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Hey! What problem did you have? Did you try to integrate? The documentation is very complete, if you want I can create a plugin for you! We can talk about it if you’re interested!

Hi @gerbertdelangen @machadoa953! Ok interesting, my API experience is fairly limited but I can generally work my way around. When I try execute myself I find I often get stuck at some point, so I usually try follow tutorials - maybe I’ll give it this one a crack and see how I go! :thinking:

Let me have a look @machadoa953, if no joy then I’ll reach out to discuss! :wave: